Happiness is…

Happiness & LoveA beautiful Saturday.

Getting crazy good hands for 500 and winning in two turns!

Feeling incompetent and then having Deborah tell me, “You’re an excellent writer! Everything you write is awesome!”

Wondering if I should go forward with a crazy bold proposal and having Deborah tell me I’m totally justified in doing so and I should definitely do it!

Putting homework off til Monday so we can play games with family!

Liza always making sure I have something yummy to eat.

Liza’s boys, Daniel & Caleb, smiling when I walk in the door & playing with me.

Dancing crazy with Deborah, my cousins Sam & Carol, and my new friend Erica!

Causing trouble (hee hee)!

Watching Whose Line with those same people.

Falling asleep reading a book.

Having funny looking hair in the morning cause it’s funny! 🙂


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