Like if you’re beautifully broken, and share with everyone who needs to know they’re beautifully broken too! ~I think you’re beautiful! Xx Fancy Nancy Pants


Be nice to yourself

It hurts my feelings when you disregard my compliments. It’s like you don’t have faith in my judgement. Well I got news for you honey, my judgement is as accurate as Bourne is deadly. You’re awesome. You’re beautiful. You add value to other people’s lives. You’re more wonderful than sunrise rays and dancing rainbows.


And I love you.

Moving forward

It’s okay. I’m afraid, and I don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s okay. It’s okay because I know what I want. However, I’ve been delaying working on it because I am afraid — frightfully terrorized — that my work will somehow not be my best, or if it is that it won’t be good enough.


But, as I reread It’s okay,” I realized something more: I’m going to do everything I can to get what I want. So if my best isn’t good enough I’m going to ask what I need to do more so that it will be good enough; then I’m going to do it.


I want this. I’m going to get it; I feel it’s what I’m meant to do, and it’s worth fighting for. So in the end if I don’t get it, it’ll be okay. But dang it all if I don’t give it my all!


Just jump for it!

Is it February yet?

I really want to put up my pinks and reds and hearts, but it’s January and January isn’t all hearts; it’s more all cold, wet, white, and full of grumpy people.

Wait. Why am I confining myself to conventions of society? I’m going red and pink and all hearty right now!


… I forgot the red, but this is good enough! 🙂