Just when you think you aren’t making a difference…

State of anxiety So... I've been in a state of anxiety ever since this summer when I conceived the idea of a group of people using their God-given gifts (Which sounds silly, but is accurate: they are gifts God gave us after all!) and talents to uplift the lives of others. Then someone challenged me … Continue reading Just when you think you aren’t making a difference…


A Shoe. (Bless You!)

What is your call in life, and what does it have to do with shoes?? I can't tell you the first (that is between you and God), but I can tell you the second: EVERYTHING! 😉 Then again, maybe I can help you with the first in some small way... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2THK5_roipo&feature=youtu.be (Watch A Shoe. (Bless You!) … Continue reading A Shoe. (Bless You!)

The proper response

When someone compliments you the proper response contains three, possibly four, of the following components. First, be nice to yourself. I hate it when I compliment someone and they disregard it. Accept the compliment. You're worth it! Second, don't be arrogant. Even in jest, comments like "I know right?!" can actually hurt the other person's feelings. Third, … Continue reading The proper response

Be nice to yourself

It hurts my feelings when you disregard my compliments. It's like you don't have faith in my judgement. Well I got news for you honey, my judgement is as accurate as Bourne is deadly. You're awesome. You're beautiful. You add value to other people's lives. You're more wonderful than sunrise rays and dancing rainbows. And … Continue reading Be nice to yourself

Love you more!

I like to let people know that I love them. I write them little notes, post on their facebook pages, spend time with them, help them out, draw pictures and post stuff on my blog, etc. But lately I've been noticing that when I tell someone I love them, someone else pipes up and says, or … Continue reading Love you more!

My Christmas wish for you

I don't know that there is anything more fun to do than to create creations. I love creating things: fun things, silly things, pretty things, and perfect moments with the people I love. Which leads me to the stuffs I love to create the most which are the stuffs that cause the creations of laughs and loves from … Continue reading My Christmas wish for you