It goes like this:

Zeke: I sick.
Me: I sick.
Dad: I sick.

Wait a couple minutes…

Me: I sick.
Zeke: I sick.
Dad: I sick.


It is also texted and IM’ed when it hurts too much to talk or if you’re in different rooms and can’t move. Email also works. Instagram isn’t recommended…


Today as I did a word scrambler I noticed that the same letters that spell “Prototype” also spell “Pretty Poo”.

That, I think, explains a lot.

I also noticed the latter first.

That, I think, also explains a lot.

The bro: When I wake up my face hurts.

(Understandably as he had surgery a few weeks back. I sympathize.)

Me: I’m sorry bro. I woke up last night because my uterus hurts.
The bro: (frowns) I didn’t want to know that.
Me: … it actually still really hurts.
The bro: tmi! TMI!!!

He didn’t have anything to complain about after that.

I really want to name one of my children Trouble. Another will be Random. I think the third (triplets of course!) will be Mischief.

Also, these will be their first names, so when they’re asked if Trouble (or Random, or Mischief) is their middle name they can say, “No, Trouble is my first name, I go by my middle name.” 😉

I’m going to be an awesome mommy!

Go Get Them!

Well! It has been a long, hard, fantastic, crazy year for me! I started a new business as an essential oil wellness advocate, a new blog, and my master’s program in Entertainment Arts and Engineering (aka video game development) at the University of Utah on the engineering track. I have had three different jobs, two of them internships (Internships make life crazy complicated sometimes!), in five months. Currently I am at EA Maxis as a gameplay engineer intern, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I get to make and play games, and work with incredibly talented and intelligent people. I’m living with my older brother, his wife, and their five adorable children. They have date night on Fridays, and two Fridays ago I was their date idea: we played cards til really late! It was super fun! I’ve met lots, lots, LOTS of new, fantastic, kind, and intelligent people! And I’m busy making plans for the next two, three years of my life. It’s been hard, and I’ve cried plenty, but it’s been great too. I don’t know that I’ve been happier except maybe when I was a little girl before my depression.

Just after moving out to California this summer, then living with my bro’s family, at the end of my first week at EA, I wrote something I’ve never written before, something that astounded myself, in my journal. I wrote:

Saturday I woke up happy.

I’ve had more days like this, days I woke up happy. I’m getting to know myself, who I am, who I want to be. And I know I’m heading in the right direction. It’s taken more than a decade for me to figure it out. I had to wait til I was thirty to have a day where I woke up happy, but it’s been worth it. It’s all been worth. All the sweat, the tears, the embarrassing moments, the failures, the successes, the mistakes, the apologies, the intimate moments of reconciliation, and the discovery of myself, my Lord, and my purpose.  I’m still figuring it out. I still have a lot to learn. But it is so peaceful knowing who I am and where my life is headed, for now. I’ve dug deep and worked hard. I heard once that it takes 5-10 years  to truly create change in your life once you start sincerely trying to make it. It may have taken me a little longer, but that’s okay. I’ve figured out enough that I have peace now. My life isn’t, by any measurement, settled. I still have a lot of work left to do. But I’m up for it. I understand now how to work hard — you take plenty of breaks! I’m so much closer with my family and friends. I’m so incredibly grateful for their help, love, support, friendship, generosity, and righteous examples to me. It’s been a beautiful experience.

Happiness is laying exhausted on the battle field victorious. It’s not easy. It is worth it.

Big things ahead!

I’m going to go get them!

A Shoe. (Bless You!)

What is your call in life, and what does it have to do with shoes??

I can’t tell you the first (that is between you and God), but I can tell you the second: EVERYTHING! 😉

Then again, maybe I can help you with the first in some small way…

(Watch A Shoe. (Bless You!) on Youtube.)

I’m so nice! You should be nice too! Share this video with your friends and enemies! 😉

May God grant you your dream, all that you love, and some spectacular shoes!

Happiness Is…

A text good morning from a cute boy!

A beautiful spring day!

Sitting alone, closing your eyes, building up the energetic feeling of a warm and cozy fireplace, sunshine, and the scent of roses, and then having your sister and friend come sit by you!

Star Trek!

Rice pudding.Tulips!

Playing Left for Dead 2 with the lil bro.


The cutest nephews in the world!

Hearing the beloved voice of a wonderful friend you haven’t seen in years.

God’s warm, embracing love letting you know everything is going to work out as long as you keep pressing forward.

Pressing forward with confidence and a hope for better things.