Facing the facebook facts! It’s snowing!

It all started as a beautiful, but windy, sunny day on Tuesday 4/14.

I don’t know why, but I find it hilarious that the weather app says it’s dreary. ~Nichole

Then, the storm came in. It has been snowing pretty consistently since it started yesterday.

Fact from Facebook: It has snowed more in spring this year than it did all of fall and winter! ~Rody

In fact, it has snowed so much in the last 24 hours that lots of people have gotten on facebook to express their feelings about it!

If it’s going to snow, I want presents. ~Rebecca

Which was my thought exactly. These past seasons it has snowed in Utah: the day I got back from California back in November right before Thanksgiving, and then not again until Christmas Eve. I want presents.

Snow is not a present. Hmm… unless it’s a snow cone. That can be a present. ~Me

The snowflakes were so large this morning that it was like they were pieces of paper falling from the sky. I told my little brother this and he looked up the largest snowflake on record: 15 inches. “See!” I told him, “Paper falling from the sky!” He then took a piece of paper, his math assignment, and let it float to the ground. I picked up the mock snowflake and exclaimed, “Math homework! I hate this snow!”

Dear Utahns: You complained about not having snow this winter? Here: I’ll dump it all on you now!! 70 in January, and snow now. Why? Because screw you, that’s why. -Mother Nature. ~Conveyed to us via my sister Elona.

This just goes to show that we don’t have to have snow in fall and winter for our water. We can get it all in the spring!

Aw Utah, I wouldn’t take you any other way.


You know you’re really sick when…

Hey! I found this really funny list on fancynancypants.me and thought you’d enjoy it:

You know you are really sick when…

  1. You’re thinking, “I already know I’m really sick!”
  2. You try to make yourself throw up just to see if it will help you feel better
  3. On a scale from “dead” to “wonderfully healthy” you feel MUCH closer to dead
  4. You have your doctor on speed dial
  5. You moved your doctor to the top position on your speed dial (Sorry mom!)
  6. Your doctor is sick of you!
  7. You can’t remember what it’s like to feel healthy
  8. You wonder what it’s like to be healthy
  9. Trying to imagine you as a healthy person makes you feel sicker
  10. You wonder if it would be less or more painful to keel over
  11. You feel sick
  12. You feel really sick
  13. You fell really, really sick!
  14. Dr. Mario makes you angry. (Isn’t that stupid little plumber good for anything besides “saving” the stupid, tall princess??)
  15. You’re willing to try just about anything, including swallowing incredibly hot, burning things. Now your throat hurts too.
  16. You have the mood control of a two-year-old
  17. After months of rotting in the ground, your dead dog Spot — he was such an awesome dog — looks better than you do right now
  18. He smells better too
  19. Your tissues are pointy but you use them anyway
  20. A hazmat suit is required to visit you
  21. You don’t know the last time you showered, and you wouldn’t even consider one even if you had the strength to stand. Then again, you might have the strength… Nope, no you don’t. And now your body is bruised too.
  22. You sleep in the bathtub just in case and you still haven’t showered.
  23. You have considered amputation as a solution to your illness even though the “cure” to your illness doesn’t require amputation!
  24. If/when you can eat everything tastes the same: either like nothing or like terribleness.
  25. You look up stupid lists on the internet to distract yourself. It doesn’t work
  26. You make up stupid lists to distract yourself like what you’re going to eat when you can chew again, or the places you’ll visit. It also doesn’t help.
  27. You have Death on speed dial. He still doesn’t want you. (Hey, can you blame him? He doesn’t want to catch a death cold! They’re awful!)
  28. Despite Death not wanting you, you die from your illness anyway — (Man that sucks! But hey, Ghost Lady or Man, nice to have a spiritual following! If you haven’t done so already sign up for the blog updates, and thanks for reading!)
  29. You relate to several, if not all, of the things on this list. (Man, it really sucks to be you! ;))

Funny right! Anyway, get better soon dude! I want to play games!