Happiness Is…

A text good morning from a cute boy!

A beautiful spring day!

Sitting alone, closing your eyes, building up the energetic feeling of a warm and cozy fireplace, sunshine, and the scent of roses, and then having your sister and friend come sit by you!

Star Trek!

Rice pudding.Tulips!

Playing Left for Dead 2 with the lil bro.


The cutest nephews in the world!

Hearing the beloved voice of a wonderful friend you haven’t seen in years.

God’s warm, embracing love letting you know everything is going to work out as long as you keep pressing forward.

Pressing forward with confidence and a hope for better things.


I hope you’re having a lot of fun in heaven, causing trouble, drinking Pepsi, eating Red Hots, and making everyone there feel as loved as you made me feel.

The handsome fella on the left is my Grandpa Denning who passed away on January 28, 2012. The gorgeous couple on the right are my Grandparents Newren who passed away before him. I miss them all very much.

Love you more times infinity!”

Is it February yet?

I really want to put up my pinks and reds and hearts, but it’s January and January isn’t all hearts; it’s more all cold, wet, white, and full of grumpy people.

Wait. Why am I confining myself to conventions of society? I’m going red and pink and all hearty right now!


… I forgot the red, but this is good enough! 🙂

Love you more!

I like to let people know that I love them. I write them little notes, post on their facebook pages, spend time with them, help them out, draw pictures and post stuff on my blog, etc.

But lately I’ve been noticing that when I tell someone I love them, someone else pipes up and says, or writes, posts, etc., “I love you more!”

As a side note that doesn’t really have much to do with the point of this post, when I used to talk to my maternal grandfather (he passed away January 28th last year) we’d often play the game of love you, love you more, love you more plus one, and you know how it goes. I miss him. Love you Grandpa! (I can already hear him saying, “I love you more times infinity!” … and I’m totally fine with that.)

At first I was like, hey, where’s the love in that? But then I thought, it must be some major feat to love someone more than I do otherwise other people wouldn’t keep trying to beat me out, and I’m okay with that.


Love you more!

And commence the loving more… 😉