Citrus white chocolate covered pretzels

Here’s a fun, EASY, and very delicious recipe:

(Make sure to use essential oils that are food grade or higher)

Melt one package of white chocolate chips over low heat then add 4 drops of any citrus oil blend and 4 drops of orange or tangerine oil.

Drizzle pretzels with chocolate or just dip pretzels and ENJOY!! This also works to put on popcorn too!


You could easily make these pretzels lemon/lime, or spice your pretzels with the taste of cinnamon by adding cassia or cinnamon instead of the orange/tangerine oils. Just use a drop or less (use a toothpick to get some on it then stir the toothpick in the chocolate) as these oils are hot (they can burn if not properly diluted, so use caution!). Or create your own! (Remember you can always add more drops, but it’s hard to take one back! A little goes a long way!)


For holiday guests you could make a plate of dippables — bananas, strawberries, pretzels, cinnamon bears, etc. — and have a variety of bowls (with the above white chocolate flavored recipes) for guests to choose from! Make some cute holiday signs to label your dips: Citrus, Lemon & Lime, Cinnamon Holiday, or whatever you want.

The best thing about “cooking” with essential oils is…

…you get all the health benefits of essential oils and delicious flavor! If you use the above recipes you get all these health benefits too:

Citrus oils are well known for their mood enhancing effects; they’re joyful, increase your sense of humor, and are great for gently cleansing the digestive system, not to mention yummy too!

Cinnamon and cassia (cassia is known as Chinese cinnamon. It has similar properties to cinnamon, including flavor and smell, but is quite a bit less expensive.), on the other hand, are anti-infectious oils and will help you stay healthy while being delicious and scenting the air with the smell of the holidays!

So, are you a fan of delicious flavor?

Whether it’s different oil combinations or a different base for the oils to go in, let me know what you think of these recipes and share your own deliciously flavored essential oil dipping recipes in the comments and I’ll feature my favorites in upcoming posts — and I’ll be sure to let everyone know who the delicious flavor idea came from!

To delicious flavor for you and yours this holiday season!



A note to my AWESOME readers, but especially you:

This time of year is always super busy for everyone. That’s what makes it so much fun! But it also makes it hard to get everything done you want to, which is why I haven’t had the time to upload everything that I’ve been planning to, yet. But there’s always time to say: I love you!

Hang in there this holiday season! It’s always hectic and crazy but fun! Enjoy it!

Loves, hugs, kisses and delicious hot chocolate!

Snowflake Love

Snowflake Love

In honor of the snow last weekend I thought I’d send my love via a snowflake. I *snowflake heart* you guys!


God is wonderful!

“Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.” 2 Ne 2:25

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