A Shoe. (Bless You!)

What is your call in life, and what does it have to do with shoes??

I can’t tell you the first (that is between you and God), but I can tell you the second: EVERYTHING! 😉

Then again, maybe I can help you with the first in some small way…

(Watch A Shoe. (Bless You!) on Youtube.)

I’m so nice! You should be nice too! Share this video with your friends and enemies! 😉

May God grant you your dream, all that you love, and some spectacular shoes!


Happiness Is…

A text good morning from a cute boy!

A beautiful spring day!

Sitting alone, closing your eyes, building up the energetic feeling of a warm and cozy fireplace, sunshine, and the scent of roses, and then having your sister and friend come sit by you!

Star Trek!

Rice pudding.Tulips!

Playing Left for Dead 2 with the lil bro.


The cutest nephews in the world!

Hearing the beloved voice of a wonderful friend you haven’t seen in years.

God’s warm, embracing love letting you know everything is going to work out as long as you keep pressing forward.

Pressing forward with confidence and a hope for better things.

Have you written anyone any letters?

When I was little I bemoaned to my sister Liza that no one ever wrote me letters. I mentioned it a few times, especially every time she got a letter when I did not. She then asked me something that changed my life:

“Nancy, have you written anyone any letters?”

After pondering it for a moment I was shocked by the answer. I’d never written anyone a letter, ever. That’s when she told me, “You have to write letters to receive them. I bet if you write a bunch of letters you’ll get some back.”

She was right. I wrote several letters to several people and got several responses. I continued to write and, from a select few, they continued to write too. I grew to really know and love these people and I just loved those letters! The few people that continued to write me regularly I not only came close to then, but we are still close today. They brighten my world.

All because I wrote some letters.

“You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” ~Winnie the Pooh

You can’t just stay in your corner waiting for people to find you. Be the person you would want to have find you; then go find others like you.

It’ll change your life.

Happiness is…

Happiness & LoveA beautiful Saturday.

Getting crazy good hands for 500 and winning in two turns!

Feeling incompetent and then having Deborah tell me, “You’re an excellent writer! Everything you write is awesome!”

Wondering if I should go forward with a crazy bold proposal and having Deborah tell me I’m totally justified in doing so and I should definitely do it!

Putting homework off til Monday so we can play games with family!

Liza always making sure I have something yummy to eat.

Liza’s boys, Daniel & Caleb, smiling when I walk in the door & playing with me.

Dancing crazy with Deborah, my cousins Sam & Carol, and my new friend Erica!

Causing trouble (hee hee)!

Watching Whose Line with those same people.

Falling asleep reading a book.

Having funny looking hair in the morning cause it’s funny! 🙂

Be nice to yourself

It hurts my feelings when you disregard my compliments. It’s like you don’t have faith in my judgement. Well I got news for you honey, my judgement is as accurate as Bourne is deadly. You’re awesome. You’re beautiful. You add value to other people’s lives. You’re more wonderful than sunrise rays and dancing rainbows.


And I love you.